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Acting Donations

Congratulations – you’re in a Gallery Players Show!!

We’re proud to say that Gallery Players/Gallery Studio Theatre receive no grants or funding for our day to day running and apart from peoples kind donations we rely on ticket sales to do what we do!

To ‘become’ a Gallery Player for the time of your involvement in a particular show we ask that you make a small (£10) donation, an Acting Donation. This ensures that you are covered by our insurance during all rehearsals and for the performances of the show. If also helps towards the many considerable costs involved in presenting our shows. Please send confirmation you’ve paid to so we can allocate the payment. If you have any queries ref the Acting Donation then please talk to your Director or contact us at

If you’re not in one of our shows and have wandered here by mistake/curiosity and would still like to make a donation (one off or regular) then please click on the ‘Friends Scheme’ for regular, monthly donations or ‘donations’ for one off donations. Thank you.

We have chosen the trusted CAFDonate ‘platform’ to handle all our donations. Be assured your details are secure and safe, If you would like to learn more about CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) please click here.