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Are you Sitting Comfortably?

Starting this year we are launching our ‘Are you Sitting Comfortably?’ campaign. The intention is that all proceeds and Donations will, in addition to maintaining the Studio and helping us do what we do, go towards a complete overhaul of the auditorium seating. We hope that, starting in 2025, we can replace the existing bench seats with more comfortable individual theatre seats and also redesign the layout for an improved audience experience. This will cost a substantial amount but we are already getting there and with all your continued support, either attending our shows, becoming a ‘Friend’ and/or one off donations, we are confident we can start next year and transform our lovely, intimate Studio Theatre into one of the best small theatre spaces in the area. THANKYOU.

All donations will go directly into improving the theatrical experience for every single performer, technician and audience member who walks through our doors so please support us if you can. For regular, monthly donations you could consider our ‘Friends Scheme’, or for a single, one off donation please click the button below.

We have chosen the trusted CAFDonate ‘platform’ to handle all our donations. Be assured your details are secure and safe, If you would like to learn more about CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) please click here.