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Come Back To The Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

a play by Ed Graczyk

(Past Show – May 2022)

1955 – on a film set in the West Texas desert, James Dean finishes work on his final film.

1975 – 20 years after their idol’s death, the Disciples of James Dean meet at a ramshackle Five and Dime store.

Between hugs and bickering, old songs, a few beers and the sultry Texan heat, the women talk, dream, and reconnect. As they do, old memories bubble to the surface.

But with the arrival of a glamorous-but-familiar stranger, long-hidden secrets are revealed and old friendships put to the test….

A warm and touching portrait of bonds that shift and change, but somehow endure.

Directed by Ben Maytham and Helen Clarke.

Artwork by Fran Davey.

When and Where?

23rd to 28th May 2022

The Gallery Studio Theatre,
St George’s Street