Gallery Friends Scheme

Getting by with a little help from our Friends!

Gallery Players started back in 1985. Pat Taplin decided, with a group of friends, that in order to get the kind of Theatre they wanted to see performed locally, they’d have to do it themselves.

Mounting lesser known, rarely produced plays and musicals has always been our forte and we’d like to think we’ve been doing it rather well for close to 40 years!

Although this direction brings many freedoms, to uncover hidden and forgotten gems of theatre that other groups wouldn’t tackle, it can also be financially challenging for us, as we inevitably take more box office risks.

In 2021 we took another ‘leap’, moving into our very own premises, The Gallery Studio Theatre. A dream for a decade had been realised.
The opportunities the Studio gives us are immense, no rushed get-ins a couple of days before opening night, the ability to rehearse and build a show in the same space it will be performed in – all huge positives.
The ‘flip’ side, of course, will be paying a ‘commercial’ rent and all the associated costs that go with running and maintaining the building.
Since 2019 Gallery Players has been a Charity and every penny we make goes back into the shows and the upkeep and improvement of The Studio.

So, we’re asking for a little help from you, our dear friends and supporters.
We don’t just want to ‘get by with a little help …..’ as the Beatles sang, we want to Thrive and Flourish!

We were hoping you’d consider making a manageable monthly donation?
Perhaps £5 or £10, nothing silly (unless you wanted to!) which over a year would build to be incredibly useful to us and most welcome. Furthermore, if you are a tax payer this amount would grow 25% at no cost to you through Gift Aid.

More details of the scheme will soon be posted here about the benefits etc and the link to join it will be live soon. So check back soon. Alternatively send us and email registering your interest and we’ll be in touch to help you sign up soon. It will all be very simple and secure through our chosen fundraising platform.

Thanks so much for reading this far and contemplating supporting us and we do hope we’ll see you soon at an exciting show in our wonderful new home.

The Gallery Players are a CIO (charitable incorporated organisation) – charity number 1186641

How do I to sign up?

Details soon please come back!

The Gallery Studio Theatre,
St George’s Street